The Redang Island Jetty

Redang Island have 6 Jetty as in picture below. We will drop / pickup you at these jetties, near to your hotel/resort.

Which Jetty for your Resort / Chalet ?

1. Redang Island Jetty / Village Jetty
  • The Taras Beach Resort (Require transport with additional charge by hotel)
  • Redang Island Resort
  • D'Rimba
  • Redang Island Village
2. Marine Park Jetty
3. Teluk Kalong Jetty / Mutiara Jetty
  • Redang Mutiara Beach Resort
4. Laguna Jetty
  • Laguna Resort
  • Redang Reef Resort
  • Delima Redang Resort
5. Pelangi Jetty
Incase sea level rise, we can't drop passenger to this jetty. We divert to Laguna Jetty and we will inform hotel to pickup you at Laguna Jetty.
  • Redang Beach Resort
  • Sari Pacifica Resort
  • Redang Lagoon Resort
  • Redang Paradise Resort
  • Redang Holiday Beach Villa Resort
  • Redang Pelangi Resort
  • Redang Bay Resort
  • Coral Redang Island Resort
6. The Taaras Jetty
  • The Taaras Beach Resort