Boat Price to Redang Island

Boat price from Merang Jetty to Redang Island for one-way is RM55 per adult and RM35 per child. For infant is free of charge.

For you book online with us, we give you special price 2% discounts for all.

Adult: 13 Years old Above
Child: 4-12 Years old
Infant: Below 3 years old

Boat Price to Redang Island

Origin Destination Fares
Adult Child Infant
Merang JettyRedang IslandRM 55RM 35RM 0
Redang IslandMerang JettyRM 55RM 35RM 0
Merang JettyLang Tengah IslandRM 60RM 40RM 0
Lang Tengah IslandMerang JettyRM 60RM 40RM 0
Redang IslandLang Tengah IslandRM 80RM 60RM 0
Lang Tengah IslandRedang IslandRM 80RM 60RM 0
From To Adult Child
Merang JettyRedang IslandRM55RM35
Redang IslandMerang JettyRM55RM35
Merang JettyLang Tengah IslandRM60RM40
Lang Tengah IslandMerang JettyRM60RM40
Redang IslandLang Tengah IslandRM80RM60
Lang Tengah IslandRedang IslandRM80RM60