Boat Price to Redang Island

Boat price from Merang Jetty to Redang Island for one-way is RM55 per adult and RM28 per child. For infant is free of charge.

For you book online with us, we give you special price 2% discounts for all.

Adult: 13 Years old Above
Child: 4-12 Years old
Infant: Below 3 years old

Boat Price to Redang Island

Origin Destination Fares
Adult Child Infant
Merang JettyRedang IslandRM 55.00RM 35.00RM 0.00
Redang IslandMerang JettyRM 55.00RM 35.00RM 0.00
Merang JettyLang Tengah IslandRM 60.00RM 40.00RM 0.00
Lang Tengah IslandMerang JettyRM 60.00RM 40.00RM 0.00
Redang IslandLang Tengah IslandRM 80.00RM 60.00RM 0.00
Lang Tengah IslandRedang IslandRM 80.00RM 60.00RM 0.00
Merang JettyRedang Island (Direct To Taaras)RM 80.00RM 50.00RM 0.00
Redang Island (Direct To Taaras)Merang JettyRM 80.00RM 50.00RM 0.00
From To Adult Child
Merang JettyRedang IslandRM55RM35
Redang IslandMerang JettyRM55RM35
Merang JettyLang Tengah IslandRM60RM40
Lang Tengah IslandMerang JettyRM60RM40
Redang IslandLang Tengah IslandRM80RM60
Lang Tengah IslandRedang IslandRM80RM60
Merang JettyRedang Island (Direct To Taaras)RM80RM50
Redang Island (Direct To Taaras)Merang JettyRM80RM50