Which company is the official operator?
Merang Jetty Waterfront is operated and owned by VIGOURMARINE TRANSTOUR SDN BHD
Where is the location of Merang Waterfront Jetty?
Our jetty is located at Pantai Merang. You can waze to here: Merang Jetty
Which jetty you will drop if I stay at Tarras Beach Resort?
You can choose either to drop you at Redang Island Jetty (Require transport with additional charge by hotel) or direct to Taaras Jetty. Full maps details, You can refer here: The Redang Island Jetty
Where to park our car?
You can park at our parking space. Very close to the jetty. Just in 50M walk-in to/from jetty. Price details can check in this page: Merang Jetty Parking
Is your car park secure?
Yes, we have security 24/7.


Can I amend ticket?
Yes, you can amend the ticket. All booking are purchase through this website is Open Tickets. The booking valid 1 Year from your booking date. Just inform us through email
Can I cancel and get a refund?
No, tickets sold are not refundable. Don't worries, you are allowed to amend this open ticket as it valid for 1 year. Or You may transfer the ticket to anyone ( Amendment is valid before departure date only )
I haven’t received any confirmation email, what should I do?
Sometimes email goes to your junk / spam mail box. Please check there. If you confirmed not received, then please get in contact with us so we can resend you the confirmation email.

Check-in & Boarding

Should I print boarding pass?
No need, save environment. Just show us Booking No during check-in at our counter.
What if I’m late or miss my ferry/boat?
No worries, you can take next trip, subject to availablity. If no trip avaliable (normally after 3pm), you can take private charter that may have additional charges. Else, you can overnight at Merang, and take next day trip without any additional charges.
How to Check-in?
You just come to our counter and verify your booking.
How long is the journey from Merang to Lang Tengah Island?
In 45 mins to 1 hour
How long is the journey from Merang to Redang Island?
In 45 mins to 1 hour
How long is the journey from Merang to Bidong Island?
In 20-30 mins.