Pulau Redang is located about 45 kilometers from the coast of Kuala Terengganu which is the biggest group of nine protected islands that dot the South China Sea off of the Terengganu coast. Redang Island has crystal clear waters and there are many dive sites for enthusiastic tourists. The waters are rich in marine wildlife as they are protected by the Pulau Redang Marine Park. At noon, you can clearly see the hues of coral and anemones. Fish can also be clearly spotted.

There are two historic shipwrecks at Redang that sank during World War 2. Redang is a favorite spot for those who love snorkeling, scuba-diving, trekking, swimming, canoeing and boating. There is however no fishing allowed within a radius of 3.2 km of the Pulau Redang island.

How to get to Redang

You can travel to Redang by boat. There are several jetties in Kuala Terengganu and Merang. Travelling to Redang from Kuala Terangganu can take about an hour and it takes 50 minutes to travel to from Merang.

The closest jetty to Pulau Redang is the Merang Jetty. It is just 30 kilometers away from the island.

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